These events are specific to the members of the RCCO:

National Council Meeting

The National Council brings together the Board of Directors, Committees Chairs, Past Presidents, and Centre Presidents (or their delegates.) The National Council meets three times per year for discussions about policy relating to the artistic interests of the College and to make recommendations to the Board on matters of finance and governance.

Annual General Meeting

All members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, which is held during the Annual National Festival, to elect incoming Directors and receive the Annual Report.

Centre President's Supper

The Centre President's Dinner takes place during the Annual National Festival and provides Centre Presidents from across the country with an opportunity to meet in person to explore common goals and themes.

President's Reception

All participants of the Annual National Festival are invited to join the President in a toast to thank the Festival Steering Committee and Festival Volunteers!

Board of Director's Meeting

The board of directors is comprised of the officers of the College and representatives from the 8 regions served by the RCCO.

College Convocation

Here is where the accomplishments of members are recognized by the College. The transfer of leadership of the College takes place at this event as well.

The Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) is the professional organization for organists in Canada. It provides support to its members in the development and practice of fine organ and choral performance and sound musicianship, and works to promote these interests in the wider Canadian public.

Our vision: Inspiring connections with organ music.
Our mission: To promote a vibrant and inclusive community that engages more people in the transforming power of the organ and its music.

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